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Why the picture of John Millet “Christ in the parental home” caused a scandal and the beginning of a new direction in art
The picture in which Christ and his family were depicted as "ordinary people" caused a once-great resonance in English society. Many considered the excessive realism inappropriate and even "disgusting." But…

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"Who is b ** Jackson Pollock?": 3 cases when people found masterpieces among the trash
Which of us did not dream of finding among the grandfather rubble a masterpiece worth millions? But, let's admit, so few are lucky - and such lucky ones, most often,…

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Romantic paintings with hidden connotations
You can talk about love in different ways - including in languages ​​of different styles of fine art. These languages ​​are understandable to everyone, despite the fact that the personalities…

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“The Secret of Things” in the paintings of Rene Magritte, who wanted to “make everyday life less dreary”

Unfinished painting by William Merritt Chase

Leaving the life of a brilliant artist is always a big loss for art. Unfinished works become a symbol of all that the artist wanted to express, express, give to humanity. Below we will talk about paintings that are not signed by the artist, but despite this they have the undeniable status of works of art.

Pavel Fedotov, “Anchor, Another Anchor!”, 1852

The author of the famous paintings “The Widow”, “The Matchmaking of the Major”, the founder of critical realism in painting, Fedotov lived a short life, but left a bright mark on Russian art. “Anchor, another anchor!” Takes the viewer to a dark cramped room where an officer, apparently serving in remote corners of Russia, makes the dog jump over a stick. Continue reading

How a boy from a poor Armenian family Hovhannes Gayvazyan gifted a painting to the Pope and became a great artist

Russian artist of Armenian descent. He was close to the emperor, had friendly relations with Pushkin, but did not read his works. I have never read a single book in my entire life. I thought that it was unnecessary, because everything has its own opinion. So how did a poorly educated person turn into the greatest asset of Russian and world culture? Ivan Aivazovsky is a great artist, philanthropist, and collector.

Hovhannes Gayvozyan (Gayvozovsky) was born in Feodosia on July 29, 1817 in a very poor family. Parents had to give his older brother to raise a wealthy family. The boy was afraid that he would face the same fate and tried to find a job. His family dreamed that his son would grow up a musician. He played the old violin in the streets, ran around with errands and clutched at any business, just to get at least a penny. Continue reading

Camille Corot – “landscape poet” who inspired both the impressionists and the authors of fake artists

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot – French painter of the era of romanticism, “landscape poet”, who influenced the emergence of impressionism. During his long life, he created several thousand paintings in his own unique style. But in addition to his merits in art, Koro has a special status – an artist whose name has been signed by numerous fakes for more than a hundred years. What are the reasons that the false works of Camille Corot are so widespread in the world?

Romantic landscape painter
Camille Corot was born in Paris in 1796. His family was not related to art, his father was the owner of an atelier and assumed that his son would follow in his footsteps. However, starting at age 26, Camille decided to devote himself to teaching painting, and therefore refused to participate in the family business and entered the workshop of Achile Mishalon. Later, Corot traveled to Italy, where his style gained its identity, and the style of writing became freer and easier. Continue reading

“The Racea”: What does the excursion poem about, which the artist Fedotov wrote in his painting “Major Matchmaking”

The painting by Pavel Andreyevich Fedotov “The Matchmaking of the Major” is now in the Tretyakov Gallery. She has no shortage of attention and viewers. All the more interesting is the tour conducted by the artist himself in the poem of his own work “The Racea”. It was written specifically for the story of the painting and read in 1849 at the exhibition of the Academy of Arts.

“Here you are kind to look!”
The racey, that is, edification, moralizing, concerns what is happening on the canvas. A whole performance was played before the viewer – with many actors, with understatement or, conversely, excessive pretentiousness, with the irony that the author put into the work – not just a painter, but also a playwright. Continue reading

Frightening mercy, drunk babies and flabby gods: Provocative antique stories on the canvases of the great Rubens

Rubens is a court painter and, at the same time, a rebel. He chooses the most provocative antique stories. In his house he organizes a real art manufactory. A talented entrepreneur, businessman and genius, fascinated by ancient literature. 5 stunning paintings that can change your mind.

Artist and diplomat Peter Paul Rubens left an immense legacy. Hundreds of works. Flemish masters were interested in various topics. In the paintings, religious subjects embodied in the colors of Greek myths, portraits of the crowned persons, landscapes, sketches, huge decorative paintings and even architectural projects. Continue reading

10 famous paintings, plots and characters of which today are interpreted incorrectly
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Jesters and advisers of the monarchs: Famous dwarfs of the Middle Ages on the canvases of court artists
Dwarfs in Medieval Europe were very popular, and the love of them in Italian courts bordered on mania: the clans of Ferrari, Visconti, the Medici kept them at court. The…


"The Secret of Things" in the paintings of Rene Magritte, who wanted to "make everyday life less dreary"
Unfinished painting by William Merritt Chase Leaving the life of a brilliant artist is always a big loss for art. Unfinished works become a symbol of all that the artist…


Life is pain
Today, Frida Kahlo is considered the founder of Mexican modernism and the brightest figure in Mexican culture. She is adored and known throughout the world. Recently, a large collection of…