Why the picture of John Millet “Christ in the parental home” caused a scandal and the beginning of a new direction in art
The picture in which Christ and his family were depicted as "ordinary people" caused a once-great resonance in English society. Many considered the excessive realism inappropriate and even "disgusting." But…

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Funny winter paintings of the Dutchman Anton Peak, which will give a New Year mood
The anticipation of the New Year holidays, which in childhood always arose on its own, dulls over time among many of us. And if the New Year mood does not…

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10 riddles of the “Mona Lisa” by the great Leonardo, which scientists are still struggling with today
There is an opinion that "a picture is better than a thousand words." But Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa has forced historians, art historians, and ordinary people to talk about…

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10 famous paintings, plots and characters of which today are interpreted incorrectly

You all misunderstood … The Cheju Museum of Optical Illusion.

There are many paintings in the world that, it would seem, are even known to art amateurs, but at the same time, even authoritative art historians interpret these paintings quite incorrectly. In this review, a dozen paintings in which their creators have put a deeper meaning than it might seem from the first (and sometimes even from the second) look.

1. Happy swing opportunities
This famous picture of the Rococo era was even shown in Disney’s Frozen. However, Fragonard clearly put a deeper meaning into his work than Disney. The picture shows a young woman who is rocked on a swing in a romantic garden by an elderly man. This man is clearly unaware of the presence of a young lover of a girl who is watching them from the bushes. Continue reading

Twice a widower, a genius landscape painter, author of the most famous candy wrapper. Ivan Shishkin

The work of Ivan Shishkin is compared with the music of Tchaikovsky. Clear and powerful paintings radiate positive energy. His canvases flood in serene light. The artist gives the viewer joy. But few people know what trials fell on his lot. Shishkin wrote the sun even in the darkest moments of his life.

Family matters
Ivan Shishkin was born in 1832 in a merchant family. Their dynasty owned the first industrial enterprise in the city of Elabuga. The plant was engaged in casting bells. His father Ivan Vasilievich traded in grain. Old-timers said that the older Shishkin was an honest and incorruptible person. He was elected several times by the city headman. There were six children in the family of the merchant, but only the son of Vanya was artistically gifted. And this boy glorified the Shishkin family all over the world. Continue reading

Secrets of “The Last Day of Pompeii”: Which of the Contemporaries Karl Bryullov depicted four times in the picture

1939 years ago, on August 24, 79 AD, the most devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius occurred, as a result of which the cities of Herculaneum, Stabia and Pompeii were destroyed. This event has more than once become the plot of works of art, and the most famous of them is The Last Day of Pompeii by Karl Bryullov. However, few people know that in this picture the artist depicted not only himself, but also the woman with whom he was connected with a romantic relationship, in four images.

While working on this picture, the artist lived in Italy. In 1827, he fell into the excavations of Pompeii, in which his brother Alexander also participated. Obviously, then the idea was born of him to create a monumental picture on a historical theme. He wrote about his impressions: “The sight of these ruins involuntarily made me go back to the time when these walls were still inhabited … You cannot go through these ruins without feeling in yourself some completely new feeling that makes you forget everything, except for the terrible incident with this the city. ” Continue reading

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The naked Christ, a corpse on his hands, strange perspectives for a little daughter. What shocked famous artists
We are used to perceive famous artists through brief explanations of their paintings. This makes their images almost ethereal. As if there was nothing but painting in their life, and…


What was the fate of “Big Sue”, which posed Freud’s grandson for the scandalous paintings that made him a millionaire
If the fame of the artists could be measured in kilograms, then the scales of Lucian Freud (yes, that scandalous grandson of the great psychoanalyst) would be heavier immediately by…


"The Secret of Things" in the paintings of Rene Magritte, who wanted to "make everyday life less dreary"
“To make everyday life less dreary” - this was the task set by the Belgian artist Rene Magritte. His paintings do not just attract attention - they can inspire alarm,…


As an artist, Cardinal Richelieu fulfilled a vow given during the illness of his daughter
In France, the age of d'Artagnan in 1662, the artist Philippe de Champaign set to work on a new painting. Not by order of the royal court, as usual -…